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General College Information and Links to Scholarship Opportunities

IMPORTANT: For info about the O2S scholarship, go to Onward2Success.org (dot-org).

​​​1.  Background & Contacts

​Important: For further details and to apply for the Onward2Success scholarship, please go to: Onward2Success.org (dot-org). The O2S  scholarship fund is managed by Darby & Sharon Checketts. Their contact information is at the website.

Background: In 2010, this website was created by the Checketts to support students from the various communities in the Salt Lake City area. Many LDS students utilize this information. We invite these students to contact Gilbert & Sheila Gaertner by telephone at 801-419-8269 or by email at: info@mypathtoeducation.org. 

Please Note: Onward2Success is not formally affiliated with any other organizations. We invite all students to use and benefit from the information at this website.

College Preparation Workshop

The Gaertners conduct a "College Preparation Workshop," typically in March and October. Attendance at this workshop meets requirement #2 for the O2S scholarship application. For further information regarding workshops that are upcoming in 2017, please go to www.mypathtoeducation.org or telephone Sheila Gaertner at 801-419-8269. 

3.  Scholarships & Financial Aid

It is essential that you thoroughly explore the valuable links below and apply for 8 to 12 or more scholarships to increase the probability that you will receive the assistance you need.

Rule Number One: Be sure to visit the Financial Aid office at your college of choice to explore all the options they can provide.

Excellent All-around Resources for Utah:

Government Loans and Grants: Please visit FAFSA at the U.S. Department of Education.

Favorite and Productive Scholarship Sources: Please carefully review the following.

2.  Careers & Colleges

Career Selection: Here are two resources to help you choose your career goal: Money Magazine's best jobs for the current year in the USA, and the U.S. Department of Labor statistics on job availability and potential:

Affordable Colleges & Universities in the Salt Lake City, Utah, Metro Area:

We also recommend that you consider the BYU-Idaho Pathway program for very low tuition costs and scheduling flexibility through their online programs.

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Google:  Don't forget the hundreds of links to education resources and scholarships that you can access by using Google.